Suicide Squad Trailer Review

by Margaret Miller on

As long as DC movies go, this looks a little different than what they’ve done in the past and that’s definitely a positive point. Also knowing that Dawn of Justice was so bad anything better than that would be great for us.
Talking about trailer 1, Killer Croc looks perfectly in this movie. What is more we have many slow-motions of every character in this trailer and so on but lets get to really good stuff – Leno’s Joker. When he says: “ I’ll show you my toys”, it sounds good to me and in this incarnation of The Joker he looks definitely better than ever before. While holding his machine gun and having his silver metal grill mouth he is one of characters in Suicide Squad which really attract everybody’s attention just instantly after you se him.
Now when it comes to Batman, in trailer he appears on top of the Joker car and we haven’t seen him too much after that. But you know what? I think it’s alright thing as all the trailers are clearly savoring the flavor as we know he’s in the movie so we don’t need to see him in another trailer!
Now lets get back to the prince of Gotham known as the Joker in this trailer who does a really good job showing how insane he’s going to be in this movie. In every clip with him like he’s surrounded by all these knives laying on the floor and he’s laughing while he’s in the middle.
To sum up, that trailer gave us a real joy and made to wait Suicide squad full movie even more eagerly after seeing all this awesome stuff. If you still want to see more and find some interesting information about suicide squad you should definitely visit

First Day First Show… Star Trek Beyond

by Margaret Miller on

As a continuance of the intergalactic expedition of the Starship Enterprise, Star Trek Beyond is the third installment of the rebooted franchise.  Even though the first teaser of the film generated mixed reactions, the new trailer of star trek beyond watch online, presents a brilliant spectacle of a space battle fought between Kirk’s enterprise and the new villain.

The trailer is long enough and leaves the audience excited to watch star trek beyond full movie. If you are still deliberating, here are 4 reasons to watch star trek beyond without fail.

  1. A new visionary

J.J.  Abrams has handed over the baton to Justin Lin who has directed four movies in the Fast and Furious saga and other movies like Annapolis and Tokyo drift.

  1. A brand new villain

The immensely talented Idris Elba marks entry into the star trek family as a reptilian villain. He plays the leader of the alien group “Swarm” that challenges the federation’s philosophy.

  1. Girl Power

Sofia Boutella too enters the cast as Jaylah, an alien warrior. She will be seen performing some serious stunts that will leave the audience spell bound. She appears to be an ally as Captain Kirk is shown saving her from certain death in the trailer.

  1. New writers

Simon Pegg dons twin roles as he recapitulates his role as Scotty and also become the co-writer of the movie along with Dough Jung. They have put together a story that aspires to capture the spirit of the original Star Trek TV series that debuted back in 1966.

There Is No Evil That Cannot Be Defeated

by Margaret Miller on

We know that Professor X and his X-Men live well past 1963. We know that Magneto and his Brotherhood get past his time as one of the four horsemen of Apocalypse. We know that humans are bigger adversaries of mutants than mutants themselves. And yet, one can’t help but get excited by the trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. Facing an immortal, near invincible mutant seems like an insurmountable task, but it has to, and it will be done. How it all happens is what will make this movie epic. Don’t believe us> Go to and watch it yourself!

Epitome of Evil: First Class and Days of the Future Past provide a great insight into how the team we know as X-Men came into being. But not even a team as strong as this is equipped to take on a power-stealing god who is bent in annihilation!  One of the first humans, and one of the first mutants, Apocalypse cannot be defeated and he is bringing his horsemen to erase humanity and create an unrecognizable world!


Twist in the story: Magneto is an adversary you love to hate. He only wants that mutants be accepted the way they are, and live without fear of being victimized. It is hard to imagine that he ever stood with a god who sought to destroy life as we know it. How he chooses to fight for Apocalypse and why is definitely a reason to go watch this movie.

Superhero franchises are on trend and in the recent past there have been more misses than hits. However, the X-Men franchise has been going strong since 2000. Here’s hoping that the last movie in this franchise is a worthy swan song for this movie franchise. The trailer says everything and nothing, let’s hope the movie fills in the blanks!